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Phones in Chapel Undermine Purpose

The Lord Will Call, But He Won't Text

Each week, the students of BMC are called together to hear the Lord’s message in chapel. This place enables them to seek refuge from the stresses of daily life. During this time, they listen to gifted speakers share their words and remind them that their Father is with them every step of the way. When chapel concludes, they can re-enter the world with a rejuvenated heart, ready to face life’s challenges head on.

Because of this, chapel is a time that should be revered and cherished. It seems, however, that some students do not cherish this time as much as others. Many students have been observed using their cell phones while speakers are delivering their speeches. Being attentive during a speech is simply the courteous and respectful thing to do. These speakers have taken the time to prepare a speech and deserve the students’ undivided attention. Most students at BMC have known the frustration of inattentive behavior while they have been presenting a speech. Before students answer text messages in chapel, they should contemplate how they would feel if someone were to do so during their speeches.

Although this behavior isn’t justifiable, it is understandable to a degree. In today’s technology driven world, many people have become heavily reliant on cell phones and other electronic devices. They find themselves constantly picking up their phones to answer text messages, checking their social media status, or playing online games. The disheartening truth is that the habit has gotten so addictive, not even religious services are immune to cell phone usage.

While some people don’t find religious services as stimulating as checking their Facebook status or playing online games, the service is for their benefit. Picking up one’s phone may be more attractive than sitting still and listening to a 30 minute speech. However, what is more attractive is not always what is best. Ask the moth who heads towards the flame or the mosquito who pursues the blue light.

The speaker is taking time out of their life for the sake of the audience. Their job is not primarily to entertain the audience, but to lead them to God. When someone is distracted in chapel, they are actually doing themselves a disservice. They are depriving themselves of the wisdom and knowledge that can improve their relationship with God. They are missing an opportunity to forget the troubles of today’s world and escape into their Father’s arms.

The best thing students can do is remember that even though looking at their cell phone is easier right then, what the speaker has to say with benefit them in the long run.

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