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Ministerial Associations Spreading the Word

The Men’s Ministerial Association is an organization that helps young men who have been called to ministry to find their niche in spreading God’s word. This organization provides extra-curricular training outside the classroom such as weekly prayer meetings, book discussions, and involvement in service projects.

Once a week, the Association has a luncheon in which they eat together, have prayer requests, and sometimes have guest “senior year” speakers. Afterwards, they distribute the leftover food along with donated food to needy families in the local community. In addition to providing food, the men minister to these people and spread the Gospel to them.These are called the “Good News Lunches.” Often, they get together and discuss a book that they have been studying, relate the book’s content to their work in ministry, and share useful information with one another.

The association also meets once a semester with Koinonia, the women’s ministerial group, to have fellowship with the women who have been called to ministry. According to Dr. Douglas Bain, Professor of Biblical and Associated studies and senior advisor for the Ministerial Association, service projects in the community include nursing home visits, supporting ball teams, and providing information to new students on registration days.

The Ministerial Association is run by faculty and students alike. The two senior advisors are Dr. Douglas Bain and Dr. Ronald Meeks. The student council consists of 8 elected student officers who meet about once every two weeks to monitor progress and identify possible problems.

The direct parallel to the Men’s Ministerial Association is Koinonia, the women’s ministerial group. Koinonia has prayer meetings every Wednesday from 12:40 to1:30 at the bottom of the BSU. Lunch is provided, and all female students are welcome, even if they are not ministerial students. Any leftovers are then distributed to the needy, the same as the ministerial association.

There are nine student council members who coordinate activities, with Susie Brady acting as representative and senior advisor for the club. Members of Koinonia are either associate, girls who come simply for fellowship, or executive, girls who are majoring in ministry and receiving ministerial aid. Like the Men’s Ministerial Association, Koinonia is involved in service projects around campus and in the community. Projects they hope to be involved in this year include making baby blankets for expecting women, visiting the nursing home, and having fellowship with young women at a rehabilitation center.

Koinonia and the Men’s Ministerial association act as two sides of the same coin, encouraging and supporting all students who are called to spread God’s word.

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