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Blue Mountain College's Beloved Buddy

Do you recall the Jack Russell Terrier who used to run around Blue Mountain campus spreading joy to students and faculty? Buddy passed away this semester, but the memories of him continue to live.

He passed on August 29th, 2016 in what is to be believed as a tragic car fatality. Taylor Bain, granddaughter of Dr. Bain and close relation to Buddy, presumes that a car struck the terrier at the intersection in front of Dr. Bain’s house. Taylor’s father found Buddy on the curb beside the road. Although the beloved dog's death was painful for the Bain family and many of those on BMC campus, there are enough warm memories of Buddy to insure that he is never forgotten.

According to Dr. Bain,it was not he who found Buddy eight years ago but the other way around. “He found us, he was probably a drop off from the First Monday dogs, but he showed up at the house.” Dr. Bain told his wife not to feed Buddy because they didn’t need another dog. “He was just around that first night and somehow a big dog chewed on him and the next day he had a bad injury on his leg.” After they took him to the veterinarian and spent money on Buddy they decided to keep him. “We had to take him to the vet, and it was big bucks so that's how we owned the dog, and he made himself right at home.”

Buddy made himself right at home not only at the Bain residence, but also on the BMC campus, especially at Fisher-Washburn. Several years ago during the winter Buddy walked to school with Dr. Bain. One day in a burst of boldness, he confidently followed Dr. Bain into Fisher-Washburn. Despite Dr. Bain’s efforts to prohibit Buddy from entering the building, the dog continued to run in behind the students. Eventually, Dr. Bain posted signs on the doors that read “ DO NOT LET JACK THE RIPPER COME IN THE DOOR.” This creative sign is credited for Buddy’s nickname “Jack the Ripper” which circulated around campus among students.

Taylor Bain remembers Buddy as rather smart; “He was an intelligent dog, because he was a Jack Russell mix.” She recalls how Dr. Bain trained Buddy to bark and howl after he howled. This trick wasn’t just between him and Buddy since according to Taylor, “I noticed how a lot of people on campus would pick up on that and go back and forth with him.”

Buddy left a solid mark not only in the hearts of the Bain family, but also in the hearts of those who remember him at BMC. Stories such as these inspire many to honor Buddy with as much spunk as the small Terrier deserves. Whether you remember him as the howling dog, “Jack the Ripper”, or just plain ole Buddy, one thing is certain- he will always be remembered.

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