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Students Make a Difference at Nursing Home

As Christians, we know how important it is to reach out to those who are lost, but what about those who might be be forgotten?

“The ministry to those in the nursing home is so vital. Many need encouragement and just a touch to say that they are cared about and are not forgotten,” BSU director Tracy Moser said.

The BSU at Blue Mountain College is sending students on Tuesdays at 3:30 p.m. to visit the residents at the Golden Living Center nursing home in Ripley, MS.

Many people at the center are ill or in temporary rehab while recovering from injuries. Others live too far from their families to visit or have lost their families. While the employees of the center provide a loving environment, the residents are especially encouraged by visits from young people.

BMC students use the piano in the dining area of the home to sing hymns with residents. Favorites include “In the Garden,” and “Victory in Jesus.” The students also visit people from room to room, which benefits those too ill to join the home’s other activities. Many of the elderly people enjoy telling stories to younger audience.

We asked one resident, Sandra, how she felt about student visitors: “I like it a lot. It helps me a lot. Allows me to talk more. And I like to talk,” she said.

The students spend the most time praying for their friends at the center. One of the employees helps by introducing students to hurting residents with an urgent need for prayer.

“They really do need prayer. I believe in prayer and I know it works.” The employee, who asked to remain anonymous, continued, “A lot them don’t have family to visit.”

The usual number of student visitors ranges from one to four, though some weeks no one shows up. This ministry could be even more beneficial with the participation of more students from the college and local community.

These people need you to make a difference in their lives.

Reach out.

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