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Students to Present Winning Submissions

On Tuesday, April the 18th, students who placed first in their category in the Mountain Breeze competition will be reading their works aloud. The event will take place in the Student Union Building at 3:30. Every student on campus is invited to experience the creativity, ingenuity, and hard work that went into these pieces. Friends and family of the presenters will also be welcome at this event.

We encourage all students to attend and support the arts on the Blue Mountain campus, and also just to support the students who will be recognized at the event. Refreshments will be served after the reading.

The list of students who placed in the competition is as follows:

Creative Nonfiction: 1st- Victoria Kinsey ("Everyone's Brother") 2nd- Myra Gilmore ("Maybe")

Devotion: 1st- Bekah Smith ("Lessons in Drowning") 2nd- Avery Thorn ("The Reason for Your Strife") 3rd- Katy James ("Unchaining the Unchainable God") Honorable Mentions: a. Mallorie Sweat ("Flea Market Flip") b. Katy James ("Waiting with No Game Plan")

Formal Essay: 1st- Sarah Roberson ("Morality and Music") 2nd- Avery Thorn ("The Assails of Government") 3rd- Mikki Stephenson ("Power Points in Protestant Poetry") Honorable Mention: a. Myra Gilmore ("Duck and Cover")

Poetry: 1st- Bekah Smith ("I am a Wanderer") 2nd- Jacob Riley ("Children of the Sun") 3rd- Taylor Bain ("Autumn Apples") Honorable Mentions: 1. Victoria Kinsey ("Anatomy Imagined") 2. Victoria Kinsey ("Insomnia") 3. Bekah Smith ("Meme's Staircase")

Short Story: 1st- Jacob Riley ("Human") 2nd- Bekah Smith ("White Hotel") 3rd- Catherine Snyder ("Unsung")

One- Act Play: 1st- Allie Vance ("Identity Crisis") 2nd- Caroline McClure ("The Shadow") 3rd- Molly Woolworth ("The Playground")

Artwork: 1st- Cole Baecher ("Basset Hound") 2nd- Rebekah Smith ("This Buffalo") 3rd- Laura Minter ("Every Dog Has Its Days") Honorable Mention: Victoria Kinsey ("Birthday Wish")

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