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Blue Mountain Blooms

One of the many things that makes Blue Mountain College feel like home for its students is the beauty of the campus itself. The towering trees that shade the sidewalks, the flowers and greenery that nest in every corner, and the lush sunlit expanse of the green all contribute to the unique atmosphere of Blue Mountain.

That being said, no garden grows itself. This article is dedicated to the ones who make Blue Mountain green. This past week they’ve been busier than ever, carting truckloads and wheelbarrows full of soil and depositing new growth as spring arrives to nurture it. They miss no detail; even that cozy nook behind the cafeteria has gained new bushes and fresh mulch.

Most of the time, they are the background characters in our day; they are always there, whizzing around on golf carts or picking up fallen limbs. Students pass them on the sidewalk and smile, maybe even say good morning. It is a fair guess, however, to say that few have thought to thank them for the work that they do or even learn their names.

Our theme this year has been ‘Grow, BMC!’ As we grow in Christ, in knowledge, and in size, it is strengthening to see the simpler, everyday forms of growth that surround us each day. If a humble seed can become a resplendent flower or a majestic oak, then what can we become? This is just to thank those who make such a beautiful reminder possible.

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