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BMSeer Becomes the Beacon

As many of you may know, in past years the Blue Mountain College newspaper has been known as the BMSeer, a casual but clever phonetic pun. With the revamping of the paper, however, comes a new moniker: the BMC Beacon. This name was inspired by a line from our Alma Mater, the first stanza of which reads:

“Long ago a man of vision, strong in right, / Kindled from the fiber of his soul a light. / Many hands have fanned its flame and fed its blaze, / ‘Til today it sends afar its beacon rays.”

As a news platform, we strive to be a beacon of light and truth to our readers. We welcome any suggestions, questions or comments on any article we publish, as well as any ideas for new stories. It is our goal to reflect what students are passionate about both on and off campus, so if there is any concern that you would like to see addressed in an article, something exciting you wish more people knew about, or an event going on that you need help spreading the word about, you can contact us through twitter, facebook, or email.

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