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Rushing Into a Society

As most everyone on Blue Mountain’s campus knows, early in the semester the weeks were filled with society rush parties and activities. I cannot speak for the men, but the ladies definitely knew how to throw a party. From barn dances to Alice in Wonderland to a candy themed paradise, there was no way a girl couldn’t find a society she identified with.

Night one was Eunomian night. The Eunomian’s society party was one filled with food, music, hundreds of pictures, and, perhaps most importantly, barn dancing. There are without a doubt two things the Eunomian girls know how to do: make amazing punch and barn dance. These ladies know how to pull anyone out of their comfort zone and help them have an amazing time. These bright, sparkly, and energetic daisies would be an amazing society for any Blue Mountain girl to pledge to.

The next night was Modenian night. The Modenian’s society party teleported its guest to a land where tea parties and cards are the most important things known to man. The Modenians had hot tea, tea punch, and card games everywhere. There were people dancing to age old songs like The Cupid Shuffle and The Cha Cha Slide. The Modenians even went so far as to find a magician to wow everyone with his mind-blowing card tricks. These girls were so welcoming and inclusive that there was no reason for anyone to feel out of place. The Modenian society would be a fantastic sisterhood for any lady to join.

Night three was Euzelian night. The Euzelian’s society party took its party goers to a literal candy land. I got a sugar rush just by stepping into the SUB. There were gumdrops on the windows, a table filled with candy, and balloons covering the floor. There was a photo booth where girls could take pictures with Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore. Outside there were exciting games like corn hole and boozled bounce and inside there was a minute to win it showdown where all the games of course featured candy. The sweet Euzelian girls were all so bubbly and upbeat and they had something for everyone to enjoy. Any girl at Blue Mountain College would be lucky to become a part of the Euzelian society.

All of the societies did very well, and gained many new pledges. Forty-one girls became brand new daisies after joining the Eunomian society. Nine were welcomed into the Modenian sisterhood. Last but not least, thirty-six young ladies found a home with the Euzelians.

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