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Students Stunned by Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, a miraculous astronomical event captured the attention of thousands, as people across the nation viewed the first total solar eclipse to cross America since 1991. Although Mississippi was not in the path of totality, students here on campus were able to view a partial eclipse - and view it they did.

Many had been waiting in anticipation for some time. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone was so enthusiastic that Mr. Peters, who is always looking out for all of us, posted a warning that students should be sure to wear protective glasses before lifting their eyes to heaven. Dr. Meeks even made a memorable joke in chapel, saying that those who failed to heed the warning would resemble the Bible verse, “He has eyes but does not see.”

Not everyone, of course, was able to get eclipse glasses in time. Yet most students were still able to at least catch a glimpse of the eclipse, because of a great phenomenon of fellowship.

In a heartwarming display of camaraderie, large groups of students and teachers could be seen sharing two, three, or even a single pair of glasses. A few teachers even delayed class for a few moments in the afternoon so that their students could gather outside to view the height of the eclipse.

Some students viewed the eclipse merely as an astronomical event, a few a little fearfully, and others excitedly. No matter their attitude, however, people came together in a wonderful way to witness the event.

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