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BMC Students Take on Faculty in Softball Showdown

On the afternoon of September 26, students took on members of the faculty in what turned into a very close game of softball. The student team was comprised of the best girls from each of the three women’s societies, who played each other earlier in the semester. The faculty team was all men, including both coaches and professors.

Cole Baecher, president of the intramural council, gave a quick run down of the events of the game.

“We had a shutout first inning,” she says. The student team was in the lead for most of the game, but, as Cole narrated, “Dr. Honea hit a grand slam in the second inning and closed the gap.”

After three innings, the faculty team won the game by one point. Miss Johnnie gave assurances that she was very proud of the student team and their outstanding performance, and was quick to point out that a group of college girls very nearly beat an all men’s team.

Everyone had a good time playing and there were no hard feelings between the teams. While the teams were packing up to leave, the field the professors joked to the girls that they would see them in class the next day.

Before and after the game, the players gathered to pray and give thanks for the beautiful day and the chance to play. A little friendly competition is always good fun, and students are looking forward to the chance to snatch the victory next year.

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