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Students Model Mehndi

Witnessing Using Hand Motions and Designs

September 22nd was an especially enjoyable night for many of the girls here on campus. Several of the ladies living in Guyton house hosted an Indian themed henna party. The Indian themed party was completed with Bollywood dance videos, hot tea, and Hope Howard speaking about her mission trip to India this summer and how to witness to Hindu people.

Upon arrival at Guyton house, girls were urged to leave their shoes at the door as Indian culture requests. While everyone was chatting and visiting with one another, there was a constant loop of Bollywood dance videos to help further declare the Indian theme. Multiple flavors of hot tea were also available upon request.

As the night went on, Hope Howard began to talk about her mission trip to India during summer break. Hope told many interesting, enlightening stories about her trip and some of the different beliefs that the Hindu religion entails.

Hope shared with the ladies a way to witness to others by using their hands to tell the story about how Christ died and rose again for us. To conclude the evening, everyone got a henna or mehndi design drawn onto their hand that can also be used for witnessing to others.

In response to the henna party Leah Johnson replied, “I really enjoyed the party because I was spending time with some sisters in Christ. I was taught a fun way to share the gospel, and I had a great time just hanging out and cracking jokes!”

All of the girls that live at Guyton house were accommodating and welcoming. It was an encouraging time to be able to be around like-minded women, hear stories, and learn how to witness to people in different ways.

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