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Refreshed at Fall Retreat

BMC Students Fellowship at Weekend Retreat

By the end of October, stress levels at BMC begin rising to new heights. Students start to feel overwhelmed by the mountains of tests, papers and projects to finish before finals week. Many students vanish within the depths of the library or their dorm rooms, hunched over computer screens or heavily highlighted textbooks. Nap activity among students increases exponentially.

For years the BSU has provided an opportunity to relieve stress for overwhelmed students—Fall Retreat, a short trip to get away from campus responsibilities and enjoy nature. From October 27-28, over 30 students participated in the 2017 Fall Retreat at Camp Hopewell, near Oxford, MS. BMC faculty and staff involved in the retreat included Jack and Tracy Moser, Mrs. Beverly Moffitt, and Justin Lewis.

BSU director Tracy Moser said of Fall Retreat, “It’s a time to get away from the familiar and hear God speak to you in a fresh way. It’s awesome to be around nature and settle myself with God.”

Fun and Games

Students helped out at the retreat carrying supplies, cooking, and cleaning. They enjoyed great food, such as tacos for supper and pancakes and bacon for breakfast. The students had an intense “spoons” championship and played other classic games such as “Mafia,” “Triggers,” and “Signs.” The games and the laughter lasted late into the night.

On Saturday morning, after worship and small groups, everyone participated in the special annual game, “The Case of the Topper Taco.” This silly scavenger hunt had students singing the alphabet backwards, attempting pushups, and making a dance train in order to find out the answers to the mystery. The game was another fun way for everyone to grow closer as friends.

BMC senior student, Beth Rinehart, said, “Fall Retreat is a relaxing time with friends and the Lord. I don’t get stressed.”

Focus on Faith

This year’s speaker for Fall Retreat was Casey Ortner, a graduate of BMC and a youth pastor at Central Baptist Church in Martin, Tennessee. Students gathered in one of the small cabins at Camp Hopewell to listen to Casey speak on his main point, “Don’t let anything get in the way of your holiness.” Afterward, students got into groups of three or four to talk about the message and encourage one another.

The small groups were a great opportunity to make friends with new people and to have spiritual conversations together which they might never have had on campus. This was also a time for people to share their struggles and pray for one another. New and old friendships were strengthened and encouraged through this time at Fall Retreat.

This was sophomore transfer Katie Ellis’s first time at Fall Retreat. She said, “I am planning on going back next year. I would recommend Fall Retreat for sure. It’s nice especially as a new student to go—I felt like I got closer to everybody.”

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