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BMC Students Perform Campus' First Opera

This year Blue Mountain College’s annual Fall Drama Production was entitled Amahl and the Night Visitors. The production ran from November 1st through November 4th. The production was an opera directed by Mrs. Christi Mitchell with music directed by Dr. Jerri Lamar Kantack.

The opera was about a small, crippled boy named Amahl, played by Savannah Thomas, and his widowed mother, played by Caitlin McDaniel and Shelby Grace Shearon. One night on their way to see the Newborn King three wise men, played by Isaiah Traylor, Drew Warford, and William Thompson, stopped to rest at Amahl and his mother’s small home.

The three kings told Amahl and his mother where they were going and about the gifts that they were going to present to the Newborn King. When Amahl heard this, he offered his crutch as a fourth gift to the Babe, and by a miracle he was able to walk again.

The production was a very heartwarming story that reminded the audience of the true meaning of Christmas. All of the opera’s cast and crew did a fantastic job of making this performance come to life on stage. From Amahl and his mother, to the kings, to the many entertaining shepherds, this Blue Mountain College production will not be soon forgotten.

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