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Snow Days

In those few snow days at the beginning of the semester, which some called our second winter break, I am sure that we all found refreshment. After talking to a number of students, it seems that everyone approached the luxury of a snow day somewhat differently.

There were some students who sledded down the "Big Hill" from the BSU. Another group sledded down the railroad track which runs past the education building. I have thus far been unable to identify these students, or to find out who on earth has a sled in Blue Mountain Mississippi!

Most of the people I spoke to told me that they just stayed home and chilled (no pun intended). Some students lived nearby and were able to make it home before the blizzard hit, but others (myself included) had to stay and brave the cold.

As I walked to the cafeteria one day, I noticed a small army of six-inch tall snowmen standing around the administration building. I stopped to investigate when I was stunned by the icy glitter of my roommate's handful of snow powder. Luckily for me, the snow wasn't the right consistency for good snowballs.

While most of us stayed in during the snow days, studying, relaxing, trying to stay warm, and/or goofing off, there were others I spoke to who were unafraid to brave the icy roads. One person I talked to told me he drove to the Memphis Zoo during one of the snow days.

The snow was fun while it lasted. It truly seemed to be a gift from God to those of us who took intercession courses. I think I speak for all of Blue Mountain College when I say that I hope that we have seen the last of the snow until next year!

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