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A Ring By Spring

And Other Romantic Traditions at BMC

With Valentine's Day upon us, some of you may already be planning surprises for that special someone, whether that’s a card, a date, or a box of chocolates. These time-honored Valentine’s day traditions are by now fully integrated into American culture. Whatever you’ll be doing, it might interest you to know that BMC has some romantic traditions of its own.

Everyone knows the legend of the Fountain, and some Eunomians may even testify to its effectiveness. On pledge night, new Eunomians walk three times around the Fountain, and the story goes that they will get a ‘ring by spring’ for their efforts.

A lesser known tradition is the story of the rock. First told to me by Bekah Smith who is now graduated, the story goes that there is a rock in the woods on the BMC hiking trail where students would once exchange letters with their significant others. Supposedly, if you find the rock, you will also find love.

On a cautionary note, be careful where you sit! Another source, Molly Woolworth, recounted how some of the swings on campus actually have deeper meanings. The swing overlooking the creek is relatively safe, being known as the Friendship Swing. Be sure of your intentions before meeting your sweetheart in other swings, however, as there is also the Dating Swing, located outside of Stevens dormitory, and the Marriage Swing, located by a large tree and facing the Fountain. Finally, the swing in front of Whitfield dormitory has the unfortunate moniker of “The Break-Up Swing.”

Whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day, The Beacon hopes that you make the most of them! Whether you’re keeping alive the old traditions or starting new ones, finding love or finding chocolate, we wish you the best of luck and a Happy Valentine’s!

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