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BMC Spring Formal Blooms

Music, food, and fun—the rebirth of the BMC Spring Formal is one night you won’t want to miss. The students requested, and the League of Societies—a team made up of the Society Presidents and headed by Liz Thurmond—listened. A newly blooming Spring Formal is going to be held at the Red Barn in Ripley, no more than a 20 minute drive from campus.

As part of an initiative to involve more students in school-sponsored activities, the Society Presidents put their heads together in order to create a special night that would be fun for everyone. Working with the Student Body Association, the League of Societies were able to find not only a night but a venue that would suit every need, and they promise that this is going to be an event worth attending.

When asked about the motivations for the new Spring Formal, Liz Thurmond said that, “In essence, the motivation behind BMC Spring Formal is to sponsor a special, fun…event for the entire student body.” Special care was taken in scheduling the event for the Thursday of Dead Week in order to ensure that all students, even athletes, would have the opportunity to attend.

Of course, many students are curious as to what they can expect from this new Spring Formal. They want to know whether or not it is worth their fifteen dollars to experience this night. Monica Winningham, President of the Modenian Society, says, “Students can hang out and enjoy live music from our very own BMC students… We even have a secret event at the ending that will be a great way to end the night.” Students are encouraged to dress “formal,” in whatever that means to them. Girls are encouraged to dress like a princess while guys are encouraged not to embarrass their dates.

Not only does the Spring Formal promise to be a night to remember, but in the words of Whitney Bowens, Euzelian Society President, “If the Spring Formal has a good turnout, I think it will be just the beginning of some new exciting events for the societies.”

So whether you bring a date or a best friend, wear a princess or a prom dress—check out BMC’s brand new Spring Formal April 26th at the Red Barn in Ripley. Tickets are just $15 until Spring Break, and this is only the beginning of the wonderful new plans that Blue Mountain’s League of Societies is bringing into motion, so be sure that you don’t miss out!

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