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Jazzin' Up BMC

Blue Mountain College gains new jazz band

This Christian college has gained some soul! Last year, Blue Mountain gained a new addition by way of the new marching and concert band, Blue Sound.

This year, the new band has doubled in size, and they gained a new branch: a brand new jazz band. This jazz band meets every Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. I sat down with a few members of the new jazz band to find out more about it.

I wanted to know what drew people to the jazz band in the first place. After all, it is a completely new organization on our campus. However, according to Dalton Tudor, the jazz band drew him in for the same reason it might draw others in. It is a new experience that Dalton says he never has had before. He was excited for the new opportunity that Blue Mountain has given he and a large group of other students.

Regarding the experience as it is now and what each student saw as their favorite part of the jazz band, one student said he really enjoyed the music that they played, which is unlike anything he has played before. Ed Bender said, “I really like the jazz band because it gives me the chance to get away from everything going on in my busy day and do what I enjoy, which is make music.” He went on to say he appreciated the college for giving him this opportunity.

The jazz band has already done several events. Closer to the beginning of the year, the jazz band had its very own concert. This concert was held in the MLB Auditorium in the Administration Building of Blue Mountain campus.

More recently, the jazz band played in chapel for most of the student body.

Off campus, our jazz band played at the My Choices banquet. My Choices is a charity foundation that helps mothers in need. The banquet was hosted by First Baptist Church in Ripley, Mississippi.

Dalton hopes the band will grow and be able to play at more events such as these future.

There seems to be big things in store for our new Blue Mountain jazz band. Blue Mountain will continue to grow, and as it does, we hope that our jazz band does so as well. The future is sounding quite beautiful for our campus.

If you are interested in auditioning for the Blue Mountain jazz band or Blue Sound, please contact Mr. Hardin at

We are looking forward to hearing more from this new jazz band in the future.

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