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Making Mats Matter

Koinonia Turns Plastic Bags into Mats for Homeless

As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This was certainly true for the girls who came to the bottom of the BSU on the fifteenth of February and helped to cut and tie plastic shopping bags into yarn. This event, sponsored by Koinonia, aimed to make balls of plastic yarn that could be later used to make insulated mats for the homeless to sleep on.

The event was catered by Mi Pueblo, so girls were able to eat, talk, and fellowship before diving into the project. After that, it was a flurry of plastic strips and laughter as the girls got to work. Together, they were able to make around seven completed balls of yarn.

Monica Winningham, a member of Koinonia council, first learned about the service project from some women at her internship. It is to these women, and women from all over the state of Mississippi, that the yarn is being sent.

Teaching the fifteen to twenty girls who came that night to crochet in the space of a few hours might have been too ambitious a project, but the girls were glad to be a part of the process and help in any way they could.

One of the ministries that will eventually distribute these mats is Loaves and Fishes, a social service organization in Biloxi, Mississippi. This organization feeds anyone who comes to their doors with no charge. They also present the mats to those who need them as well as presenting them with the gospel.

Monica Winningham gave words of encouragement to anyone who would like to participate in this ministry opportunity- and get rid of any old shopping bags. She said, “It’s a great project to do with your friends and family over a movie or just while you talk. Throw bag parties!”

Monica also commented on the fellowship aspect of the project. “Making these mats creates community. Not only is it something that really helps people in need, it connects friends and family over ministry, and in a wider sense, it connects people all across the larger section of Mississippi in a common cause.”

If anyone is interested in this project, they can contact Monica Winningham, or Koinonia council, to get instructions on how to cut and tie the bags. Everyone is encouraged to get involved, and start turning their trash into a real treasure- increasing the comfort of your fellow man.

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