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Students Write for the Win

Congratulations are in order to the students who placed in the annual Mountain Breeze writing competition! Students submitted their works to the seven different categories, and the best were selected to be published in this year’s anthology. Copies of the book will be available at the reading event which is currently scheduled for 3 o’ clock on April the 18th. Everyone is encouraged to attend this event, including friends and family, to listen and offer support as the winning students read their works aloud. The list of winners is as follows:


1st Place: Jacob Riley – “Dreams”

2nd Place: Sarah Hill – “I Am Not Anorexic”

3rd Place: Mason Wooldridge - “Standing”

Honorable Mention: Victoria Kinsey – “Mycenae”

Honorable Mention: Jacob Riley – “The Rare Triumph of Sound Judgment”

Short Story

1st Place: Victoria Kinsey – “You’re It”

2nd Place: Sarah Roberson – “Bring Home the Light”

3rd Place: Victoria Kinsey – “The Old Man and the Cat”

Honorable Mention: Tyler Atkins – “Oak Wars”

One-Act Play

1st Place: Seth Pierce – “The Re-finding of One’s Voice”

2nd Place: Joshua Dowling – “Life in a Graveyard”

3rd Place: Jessica Clevenger – “Psalm 61”

Creative Non-Fiction

1st Place: Casey Hollingsworth – “After the Night”

2nd Place: Victoria Kinsey – “The Eunomians Can’t Wake Me Up”

3rd Place: Jacob Riley – “Taken Back”

Honorable Mention: Sarah Hill – “The Climb”

Honorable Mention: Caroline McClure – “More Than Meets the Eye”


1st Place: Sarah Roberson – “Crying Out”

2nd Place: Victoria Kinsey – “A Hammock Made of Light”

3rd Place: Beverly Franco – “Faith and the Tactile Learner”

Honorable Mention: Julianna Garner – “Joy in the Storm”

Honorable Mention: Sarah Hill – “How to Hear”

Formal Essay

1st Place: Victoria Kinsey – “The Next Generation of Politics”

2nd Place: Sarah Roberson – “Black Woman Unbound”

3rd Place: Julianna Garner – “Added Burden”

Honorable Mention: Myra Gilmore – “Misrepresentations”

Honorable Mention: Jacob Riley – “The Dichotomy of Religion and Discrimination in To Kill a Mockingbird


1st Place: Victoria Kinsey – “Kosmos”

2nd Place: Monica Winningham – “Saving Grace”

3rd Place: Monica Winningham – “Betrayal and Redemption”

Honorable Mention: Julianna Gardner – “Bittersweet”

Honorable Mention: Victoria Kinsey – “Eumoirous Phantasmagoria”

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