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Blue Mountain Bank Becomes Coffee House

“I’m headed down to the bank!”

This has become a common phrase around Blue Mountain campus, and initially was a cause for much confusion. Are students suddenly overwhelmingly concerned about finance?

What they really mean is that they are headed across the street to the old Bank of Blue Mountain, which has been converted into a sort of student lounge, complete with a self-serve coffee bar and iced tea. A chalkboard graces the back wall with a note of welcome, as well as bible verses for daily encouragement to the students passing through.

Many of you might recall the Bank as once being Hebrews, the coffee shop that closed down last year. The building is now owned by the school, and the coffee is free to students cramming for exams or just needing a break from everything. Already, the Bank has seen a lot of traffic, as it has become a favorite place for study, group meetings, and even bible studies.

The Bank is open to all students and is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with peers, study quietly, or just grab a cup of coffee. It is open from 7:30 in the morning to 11:30 at night.

So come down and check it out, and remember- if you hear someone saying that they’re going to go ‘hang out at the Bank,’ they don’t mean the money bank; they mean the coffee Bank, which is even better.

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