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Only the Houses Know

The prank wars at Blue Mountain College

“The prank wars are like World War 1. They started in rapid succession and don’t end until someone ends it”, Luke Romine says. A varied story that carries all throughout the mountain, is the rumor of the Prank War. This war isn’t something that is understood by just any reader. ONLY Blue Mountain students hear rumors of jars, flying squirrels, and pretzels glued on cars.

The location of these wars take place between: Guyton house (red brick house across from the school), Washburn house (white house across from Lowery), Palmer house (by Washburn), and Godwin house (located across from Blue Mountain elementary school.) These typical homes are used as student housing for the college. When the school made these additions, the prank wars started.

Myra Gilmore says “the prank wars started as little pranks like water balloons and paint on windows between the boy’s houses.” They were mild and typical high school pranks. However, as the wars escalated according to Sam Marino, “The boy’s houses filled a jar with urine and left it on Washburn’s porch.”

Yes, you heard me -- a urine jar. According to an anonymous source, “there are now multiple jars and are hidden from the rest of the houses.”

Luke Romine claims, “The jars are like our nukes. They’ve never been used and won’t be unless it is a dire situation.” For potential students, this can be frightening. However, have no fear, this is nothing but a threat.

The gist of the prank wars is just to have fun. The “battle” between houses is just a game used to pass time. Life on the mountain can be pretty unamusing at times. Yet, overall, we find ways to spice up the day. Things like the Prank Wars allow students in the houses to take a break from the stress of the day.

The pranks that happen on the mountain range from silly to crazy. The fall semester of 2017 heated things up. A constant battle raged between Godwin and Guyton house. An example of a one of the lesser evils was when Guyton sprayed shaving cream all over Godwin’s porch. In retaliation, Sam Marino says Godwin “threw biscuit dough and cupcakes at their house.”

At this time, the wars are currently at a halt. When the Guyton girls stole the Bereans' turtle, “Mikey”, the situation came to a head. After some strong words were exchanged between the two houses, a meeting with Coach Moser was set. He officially sent out an email ending the prank wars. It seems to be over for forever.

What will become of the Prank Wars? Only the houses know.

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