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Where Can I Park?

Students Confused Over Parking Lot Policies

One of the most controversial topics at Blue Mountain College is the issue of parking. From commuters to on-campus residents, everyone seems to share one of two perspectives on where we should or should not be parking. This confusion has led to a rise in parking tickets throughout the campus. However, becoming familiar with the actual parking policies will ensure that this number declines in the future.

One perspective on the subject is shared by most of the commuters, as well as students who drive to school every day from Southplex. The general belief among these students is that parking spaces in all dormitory lots should be available any time a student should need it (aside from faculty and staff parking spaces).

Britt Bass states that, “Anyone can park there,” when asked about the lot in front of Fisher Washburn. He also believes, like most commuters and residents of Southplex, that every dormitory parking lot on campus is available for any student to use if there is a space available that is not blocking others in. However, it is still a fact that most of the parking violations on campus occur in lots like this one.

Another perspective is the residents’ position. This idea is that the dormitory parking lots should be designated for the people who live there first with any open spots left available to commuters.

When asked if she believed parking lots should be available for all, one student (who preferred to remain anonymous) says that she agrees yes “to an extent.” However, this student strongly objects to people blocking off certain areas where there are significant flows of people attempting to maneuver around campus. Many others who live on campus grounds agree with this.

Most of these issues can be settled after determining the actual parking policies of Blue Mountain College.

When asked if commuting students are allowed to park within the dormitory lots, Tommy Peters of the Office of Student Services says that “There is no policy that states only students in a dorm are to use the parking associated with that dorm.” He cites the handbook as proof of this fact. He also says that “Suggestions have been made to assign spaces to students or lots for certain dorms.” However, he believes this is impossible with the current state of our lots because there are more vehicles than parking spaces.

After getting to the heart of the issue, it is evident that these controversial lots on campus are open to all of us, counting the gravel lot. Furthermore, it would be very helpful for all of us to let our classmates know the facts if they are confused about parking in a particular space.

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