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Turtles or Transformers

In an effort to promote brotherhood and Christian fellowship, Blue Mountain College offers two male societies: the Bereans and the Ekklesians. As a freshman here at BMC, I have the opportunity to choose one of these societies on September 6th.

During Rush Week, each day is dedicated to a certain society and they have their parties to recruit new, transfer, and even returning students to join their society. The week is full of all kinds of activities, and students can go to one or all the society of their choice to see which one is perfect for them. I was recently given the privilege of going to both Berean and EK society parties, and I had a lot of fun at both.

The Bereans met up at 5:30 in front of the SUB and played an amazing game of capture the flag. There was a lot of running involved, as guys searched all over campus to discover the enemy’s flag. The last round we played, my team won the game with a play made by Kevin Chavez and Austin Mathis. Afterwards, everyone headed down to the Blue Motion Building to eat some great Bishop's Barbeque. The food was amazing, but the people were even better. The Bereans are a great place to find quality brotherhood on campus.

I also went to the EK rush party. We had a lot of laughs playing a hilarious game of tackle football. This society includes many athlete members, and they love their sports. The atmosphere was fun and exciting, and once we decided that the game was over we went inside of the Cockroft lobby to eat Little Caesars pizza. Students enjoyed good food and company, watched baseball, played ping pong, and even had a great game of Uno. The guys in this society are very upbeat, funny, and personal. These guys know how to have fun and maintain a level of courtesy for others, and that truly speaks to their characters.

While each society has much to recommend them, there is only one choice to make here: “TURTLES OR TRANSFORMERS”. However, students are sure to find excellent brotherhood and lifelong friends, whatever choice they make.

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