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What's the Big Deal?

It may seem like a Little thing to some, but on Blue Mountain campus, Big Sisters are one of the main perks of joining a female society. Each Fall semester, new members to each of the societies, Littles, are picked and prized by the returning members, Bigs, for a mystery game of Guess Who? For weeks, the Littles are pampered with gifts from their anonymous Bigs ranging from anything like their favorite snack all the way up to matching shirts or outfits for Reveal! But of course, many girls think that this experience is worth the hype.

Ellie Hamilton, a Junior Euzelian, picked Twins this year and says, “As a Little, I loved having a Big because the mystery was fun, and it felt good to have a friend. Being a freshman is scary sometimes, and the system of Bigs and Littles gives a sense of belonging and familiarity. I’m a Big this year, and I already know my Littles. I have loved talking with them about their secret “Big.” Getting to bless them and know them has been fun!”

Lynnse Phelps, a Senior Modenian, as a transfer student has a different story to tell. “I came into the game late in the spring, so it wasn’t until the next fall when I was able to participate in Rush. Most of my friends were Eunomians, but Modenians had this sense of home to me that the other societies didn’t. Me and Monica, my Big, hit it off right off the bat. Its being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself, having a bunch of sisters that you didn’t expect to get along with so well.”

Molly Woolworth, a Junior Eunomian, tearfully recounts her experiences as a Little: “Having a Big was an amazing experience that made me want to continue on and become the best Big that I could be! My Big set a great example of what it meant to not only be a good person, but a godly woman as well.”

So, it’s no Big stretch to say that being a Little—and eventually a Big—is one of the most rewarding experiences to be had at Blue Mountain, and as Reveal is on the horizon, girls are getting more than a Little excited! There’s truly nothing better than getting to make a loving, sisterly connection with another girl on campus and to prove what the societies stand for above everything else: we want to make our new girls feel at home on Blue Mountain campus. We want them to feel like part of the family!

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