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Dollop of Daisy

Taco and Chick Flick Night with the Eunos

On the cold, wet night of November 12th, the Eunomian Society gathered in the SUB for a night of food, fellowship, and fun. There was a delicious spread of taco fixings set up for the girls, complete with punch made from the secret Eunomian recipe. The girls lined up to prepare their favorite tacos (or taco salads, for the more health conscious) and helped themselves to the delicious array of toppings.

After settling down to enjoy their meal, the girls broke out the evening’s game: Chick Flick Trivia, created by Faith Walgenbach especially for the event. The girls grouped up in teams and strapped in for the intense game. For these Eunos, winning the game was everything.

After the girls came up with clever team names, the night’s MC, Luke Romine, started the game by reading off the trivia questions for each team to answer in hopes of earning the most points and winning a prize. A blanket of friendly competition fell over the various teams as they whispered amongst themselves in discussion of the answers to the questions. Every now and then, giggles broke out within groups as they recalled their favorite chick flick moments.

When the game ended, the scores were tallied. Two extra points were awarded to the team with the most creative name. The competition was fierce, and these girls took their knowledge of the various chick flicks very seriously. In the end, the team “Bad, Bath, and Beyoncé”—made up of Lexi Elliot, Chloe Jenkins, Karli Knox, and Morgan Whitaker—won the night by a mere two points for their creative team name.

All around, it was a night full of the best things that the societies have to offer: friendship, fun times, and of course, food. The daisies know how to have a good time, and every girl left that night with a smile on her face (and maybe a few new movies to run home and binge).

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