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Get on the Band Wagon

Do you like to play music? Blue Mountain College’s band is a great place to build your musical skills and make friends at the same time. Its small size makes it the perfect place to meet new people with similar interests and to have fun while also improving your musical ability or learning a new instrument.

The requirements for joining are easy. Previous band experience is great, but any students with keyboard / piano experience are also welcome, since those abilities transfer easily to the percussion section. To sign up, all you have to do is register for the band just like any other class. To make the deal even better, the music department also offers skill-based scholarships in varying amounts, based on auditions with the director. (Disclaimer: they can’t be stacked with either academic or athletic scholarships.)

Molly Woolworth has been in band for eleven years, three of which have been at Blue Mountain, where she plays the marimba. She says that the best part about being in band is “the feeling you get when you’re playing a piece and it sounds awesome... it’s a nice feeling!”

Playing a musical instrument also has numerous other benefits: many studies over the years have shown that it can increase memory capacity as well as enhance listening and reading skills – all of which are beneficial in the classroom! In addition, it’s a great way to help reduce stress – it’s a break from your usual homework, and there is nothing quite as relaxing as playing a great piece of music along with your friends. It is also a great activity to have on a resumé, since it demonstrates your ability to work well with a team and your dedication to learning new concepts.

Director Brandon Hardin says he wants “a wide variety of music available for our students.” His future plans include growing the band in size and expertise. In addition, he hopes to offer a steel drum band and more ensembles, particularly chamber ensembles like brass and woodwind. Currently, the available ensembles are concert band and marching band, which alternate semesters, as well as a jazz band.

So in a couple of months, as you are making your schedule out for next semester, be sure to make room in your afternoons to be a part of our great BMC band!

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