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News From Alagaesia

After nearly eight years of silence, fans of Paolini’s Inheritance cycle may at last return to the wondrous world of Alagaesia! Christopher Paolini has announced the release of his new book, The Fork, The Witch, and The Worm. In this volume, he returns to the world of the Dragonriders and to Eragon’s continuing story.

The book features a number of tales that are set in Alagaesia but follow different characters and storylines. One notable tale that many may be looking forward to is that of Angela the Herbalist, the memorable and mysterious witch whose part in the Inheritance cycle often left more questions than answers when it came to her backstory. The tale is supposedly an excerpt from her memoirs, and is written by Angela Paolini, Christopher’s sister and the original inspiration for the character.

Interspersed among the tales, however, is an ongoing account of Eragon’s adventures after he leaves Alagaesia and sets out for the unknown in search of a home for the next generation of Dragonriders. He will face new enemies and challenges as his story continues.

To advertise the release of the new book, Christopher Paolini is going on a ten city tour. He will sign books, answer questions, and discuss his work with the fans in a number of different locations. For a full list of the places he will be visiting, you can check his website at

The closest Paolini is coming to Blue Mountain, however, will be on March 1st when he will be at Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN, at 6:30pm. Tickets for one person are about $20, and this includes not only general admission seating but also a copy of the new book. If you love the world of Alagaesia and don’t mind the drive, it’s a great opportunity to meet a talented author and perhaps to gain new insight into his beautifully crafted world.


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