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The college of Blue Mountain has experienced various changes, including the gaining of various new activities in this past year alone. Among the new functions flooding the Mountain is the monthly worship service known as Sanctuary.

Sanctuary occurs on the first Monday of each month, and was started by students Ed Bender and Kelly Beth Ernest, who sought to offer an alternative worship service — entirely student led.

Consisting primarily of praise through worship music, Sanctuary serves as a time for students to unburden themselves from their weekly struggles, acting as an hour or two set aside to connect with God through prayer and song.

BMC attendees from all walks of life take time out of their busy schedules to join one another under the common banner of worship, filling the sanctuary with the intermingling sounds of souls fulfilling their purpose as they sing praises to their Creator.

Typically the service occurs in Lowrey Memorial’s sanctuary; however, during the warmer months, students will occasionally meet around the fountain. Offering a relaxed environment, Sanctuary begins at 9 p.m. with the understanding that people are welcome to come and go as they’re able, and student leaders are on hand to meet with others seeking counsel or someone to simply pray with throughout the service.

Updates concerning the location and date of Sanctuary are posted monthly on their instagram page: sanctuaryworship_bmc.

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