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Single Awareness Day

Tips on how to celebrate Valentine's day as an individual

As the winter holidays come to an end—the Christmas light are taken down and the leftover ham in the fridge is finally finished—the dawn of February breaks, accompanied by the sense of impending doom for the majority of singles.

February 14th, Valentine's Day, or as some individuals like to call it,“Single Awareness Day,” is swiftly approaching. We’ve all spent one (or many) February 14ths lacking a significant other, while being constantly reminded for an agonizing 24 hours of the fact that everyone around us is half of a happy whole.

However, who said dreading the Hallmark holiday is the rule, as opposed to the exception? The universal day of love is all inclusive, and encompasses all forms of mutual appreciation; it’s time we singles start taking part in the celebration. We’ve compiled a list of ways the single ladies (and men) of BMC can own this year's Valentine’s Day.

Get off social media

Even the freest of spirits can get to feeling a little lonely on Valentine's Day after seeing every Jane and John’s mushy posts on Instagram about how they couldn’t live without each other. Do yourself a favor and just don’t look. Jane and John deserve all the likes, but I promise they understand if you wait until the 15th when you’re heavily medicated on discounted chocolate before you scroll through and double tap later.

Do something

While your feelings of loneliness are perfectly justified and nothing to be ashamed of, refuse to wallow. It’s easy to sit alone feeling sorry for yourself; instead, chose to do something—anything. Read a book on the ultimate bank heists of history, eat an entire pint of ice cream, make a mixtape to jam to on the drive to get the pint of ice cream, while eating your ice cream plan a bank heist from the information you got from the book then use your elaborate plan to rob a bank (don’t actually do that).

Bottom line: do something that makes you happy and reminds you why being single can occasionally be great (Disclaimer: I don’t encourage robbing banks— this is a good Christian college).

Find other singles to hang out with

While many of your friends are in perfect—or horribly toxic—relationships, there’s a high probability that you’ve got at least one single friend. If you don’t, you need more friends. In the spirit of doing something, organize a singles game night; it’s inexpensive and easy to put together.

Get in touch with an old friend, aunt even. Ladies have a girl's night—sounds corny, but in-home spa nights can be therapeutic and cheap. Go out to eat, see a movie, make corny friend valentines. Valentine's day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love. Do something thoughtful for someone to brighten their day.

Loving one another is one of the most important commandments, second only to the command to, “Love the Lord your God.” So when celebrating Valentine's day, single or not— remember that our heart should belong to its Creator and Sustainer. Take a moment to dwell on the reality that no matter your relationship status—you are loved.

Not only are you loved, but you are loved by the God of the universe that wound the stars into existence and called them each by name. Live like you’re loved and have a wonderful Valentine's day!

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