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The IMPACT of our Choices

February 7th, 2019 the BMC Drama group IMPACT preformed a stirring rendition of the play titled, “It’s Not Too Late.” Inspired by the horrific shooting that occurred at Columbine High school in 1999, playwright Dick Lentz’s storyline deals with the true weight our choices carry, from issues of faith to simple day to day experiences.

The play follows young adults through a typical day of high school, focusing primarily on the storyline of Katie Smith (played by Business major Chloe Jenkins). Katie is a new student in school struggling to stay afloat in the new social current she’s been placed in, mixing in various social groups, learning the differences in each’s philosophy of life.

Soon the young woman meets a compassionate, committed Christian student by the name of Lisa Caldwell (played by Mikayla Myers). Lisa tells Katie about the importance of having a personal relationship with God; however, during her intermingling period, sweet Katie was introduced to Jason Holmes, played by seasoned theater veteran, Joey Ellis. As an antagonist and irate young man, Holmes represents those who resent Christianity, later allowing his hatred to drive him to violence.

Remaining true to the reality of the 1999 tragedy, the play ended in bloodshed; however, the raw honesty proved necessary in relaying the gravity of simple decisions in light of the frailty of life.

IMPACT performers brought each character to life with their explosive energy as well as grave conviction as they fought to relay the dire consequences of choice. Although the primary storyline was of a somber nature, the play held various gems of comedic relief sprinkled throughout the performance, creating a harmonious blend of edifying entertainment. All in all, it proved to be a convicting and superior rendition of a simplistic but imperative message.

Playwright Dick Lentz attended the performance and had the opportunity to speak on the topic, following the show: “Few of us will forget what happened at Columbine High School April 20, 1999. I was moved to view this tragedy from a spiritual standpoint. A person’s relationship with God affects their outlook on life as well as their ability to cope with it. The path they choose to take, especially the choice they make about God, has enormous consequences for their lives as well as for the lives of others.”

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