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Pizza in the Parlor

When Valentine’s Day was right around the corner, the Eunomian Society still got together and planned a fun-filled night for the members of their society. The society leaders decided to put together a “Galentine’s Day” for the members of the society.

Galentine’s Day, as one can probably gather, is a girls-only celebration that takes place on or around Valentine’s Day. As such, on the dreary night of February 11th, all Eunomians were welcome to come into the Eunomian Parlor for pizza, sweet treats, and movie-and-television couples’ trivia. Dubbed “Picnic in the Parlor,” the Eunomian girls settled in for an evening of games and laughs.

Fueled by Little Caesar’s pizzas and the famous Eunomian punch, the society leaders Lydia Robinson and Faith Walgenbach kicked off the festivities by passing around numbered sheets of paper and pens to the girls present. Then, Faith pulled up the trivia questions, with questions from a wide variety of chick flicks and rom-coms. The three girls who got the most answers correct would each win a coveted Chick-Fil-A gift card. Tensions began to rise. Cries of glee and fits of giggles filled the parlor as the girls scribbled down their answers. Hilarity ensued whenever one of the girls would bolt upright in her seat and scream, “I KNOW THIS ONE!” at the top of her lungs.

At the end of the questions, Faith had every girl tally up her own score, jokingly saying that every girl had better be honest. The room was quiet as Faith announced the correct answers, some girls looking over each other’s shoulders to see how they compared to their friends. In the end, only one girl could claim the first-place prize, and that girl was freshman Margaret McCain.

Once the trivia was over, the girls began to depart from the parlor, a few lingering behind to help clean up or snag one last piece of chocolate.

While the pizza party was a fun idea, it was the reason behind the party that made it special. Valentine’s Day is often seen as couples-only day, where those without partners are left out of the fun. However, there is more to love than romantic affection. Valentine’s Day can be about friendship and the love shared by friends. “[Galentine’s Day] was just our version of a Valentine’s party,” says Lydia. “Just girls hanging out to take a break from studying.”

Picnic in the Parlor served as a reminder for Eunomian girls that Valentine’s Day can be about whatever they want it to be about. It doesn’t have to be a couples-only holiday; it can be a day dedicated to a group of girls getting together to share food, fellowship, and of course, fun.

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