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Three Up: Intramural Shoot Out

“Put up or shut up,” a term often used in sports, rang true in Wednesday, March 20th in Tyler Gymnasium as students gathered to put their three point shooting skills to the test.

The competition was split into men’s and women’s bracket. Each respective contestant had sixty seconds to shoot as many baskets as possible from any spot on the three point line. After the screech of the buzzer, each player shot frantically - fed basketball after ball by intramural council members and assistants.

Unlikely Steph Curry’s emerged throughout the night, while many bricklayers were exposed. Winners included Carys Easterling, who secured first with an impressive six basket total, followed closely in second by Alison Strickland with an impressive five basket total.

The men’s competition saw Andrew McDonald score a solid fifteen baskets for first, with Trey Hathaway in a respectable second.

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