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First Annual Modenian Alumni Tea Party

On April 13th, the Modenian society kicked off their new annual event, an alumni tea party. The SUB was decked out in roses and delicately patterned paper tea cups for this special event. Eight alumni were able to make it in spite of the inclement weather, as well as many of the current society members. The guest list included Anna Quinn, well known around campus for her involvement in various campus events, including the Mountain Breeze competition, and President McMillin, who while she was not a Mo was so gracious as to speak at our event.

While talking with the alumni, the Modenians uncovered many traditions that had been lost and forgotten. For example, the well in the basement that we had pulled out just for this event used to be used all the time—it was a favorite and traditional prop of the Modenian gatherings. One alumni was even able to point out in an old scrapbook the girl whose father had built the well, long before most of them had actually joined the society. Now that we are more aware of its rich history, be expecting the wishing well to make more frequent appearances!

Another thing we learned is that a well-known Eunomian tradition—which shall not be named here, so that the surprise will not be inadvertently spoiled for any incoming students browsing this page—is actually a more recent development than many may suppose. Instead, alumni Linda Hill remembers that “A group from each society used to come around during rush week and sing all the girls to sleep.” Things are very different now, to be sure, but the Modenians are definitely contemplating bringing some of these old traditions back.

At the tea party, the guests enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and a follow up activity where they were able to empty their eggs of candy, fill it with an encouraging note, and trade eggs with someone they’d met.

Another activity that we had was a craft where guests were able to make their own rose from beads and copper wire, and then suspend the rose in a glass jar, just like the rose from “Beauty and the Beast.” One thing we learned that has not changed: the Modenians have always been a powerhouse of creativity.

Finally, Dr. McMillin gave a speech to the alumni guests detailing some of the projects that have been going on around campus, as well as some new things in the works that even current students may not have heard of. One thing that was hinted at was the possibility of a medical program being added to BMC’s curriculum. We are certainly all very excited to see everything that God has in store for this campus, and very grateful to Dr. McMillin for honoring us with her willingness to participate in our event.

The first annual tea party for the Modenians was a great success, and we hope to see the event grow with time, just as our campus continues to grow and change in exciting new ways. At the same time, we are striving to hold on to what makes us unique and were so grateful for the opportunity to regain some of our lost traditions from our fellow sisters. After all, the Modenian motto is and has ever been ‘Originality’, and we look forward to many more years of just being us.

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