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A Night Under the Stars

This past Thursday night BMC held “A Night Under The Stars.” This was the spring formal and it was a blast.

This formal was at Camp 106 in New Albany from 7:00 until 10:00 pm. The formal was exciting and there was a great selection of yummy food and deserts to keep your energy high and get you back on the dance floor. The food selection ranged from a taco and nacho bar to a warm chocolate fountain. The DJ really lit up the night with great energy and continuous music to keep everyone wanting to dance more under the stars.

It was worth buying a ticket to come and dance the night away. The place was packed and so was the dance floor. Everyone that I had a chance to talk to said that “they really enjoyed their night and enjoyed getting to go dance some stress away”. All the fun parts of dance you imagine happened—there was a conga line, dance circle, and some great slow dances. We had couples jump into the circle and show off their moves. We even had a dance battle! Overall, it was a truly memorable evening. If you did not come you missed out on a wonderful time.

There was an array of colors and everyone looked very nice in their tuxes and dresses. Cameras were snapping every second, trying to capture an unforgettable night with unforgettable people. What a beautiful night it was under the stars.

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