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Bringing God's Light to the Campus

Anna Smith, BSU President

The BSU President

Blue Mountain College is a college founded on Godly principles, and like most colleges, it has a Baptist Student Union. For most colleges, the BSU is a place for the Christians of the campus to have a place of fellowship. While BMC is a Christian campus, the BSU still strives to be that place.

The BSU has a council of students set up to help guide the students of Blue Mountain down the right path. The council consists of students ranging from sophomores to seniors. One senior on the council is the president, Anna Smith. Anna is a twenty four year old, Christianly woman, who is in her last year of earning her degree in Psychology and specializing in Special Education.

The Lord has led her to help those in need, leading her to be the president of the BSU. This is her second year of being on council, so in her last year of Blue Mountain, she has taken on the role of the BSU president. She has done this to help show Christ’s love to others.

When asked about the council, she described it as “a group of students dedicated to bringing students to the Lord.” She strives to be a light for Christ in the darkness of the world to the students of the school. She and the other eleven people on the council have made a commitment to each other to go outside their comfort zones and to try to reach out to spread God’s love to the new and returning students of BMC.

They want to be more intentional this year with their actions and be there for the students in any times of need they have. They have planned several events and hold Prime Time to bring other examples of God’s work to the students.

Anna said she hopes to be a good influence so she can show the kindness of Christ through the BSU. When asked how she wants to show God through her words she said, “I hope to be diligent in him and his work, and not focus on what I can do myself but what God can do through me.”

Abby Keathley, council member and Women’s Ministry leader, spoke on Smith’s appointment. “I believe that Mrs. Tracy put a lot of wisdom and thought into whom God was calling to that position.” She added, “She’s doing a great job.” Anna Smith is your BSU president, and is doing God’s work for the students.

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