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Macedonians Assemble

The fathering of a new men’s society on campus has caused quite the uproar among students of Blue Mountain, but many are left with the question: who are they? President and Senior Benjamin Myers, alongside Senior and VP Kodie Gray, created the society known as the “Macedonians.”

The name stems from the early church of Macedonia, found in the New Testament. President Myers elaborated, “All of the societies emphasize biblical themes. It’s part of our identity,” he added. “So we really wanted to highlight that, but also the fact that we’re a new group of likeminded believers gathering with the same purpose. To honor Christ.” Thus, the Macedonians were born.

The group’s mascot is the Marvel Superhero coalition known as the Avengers, representing the variety of personalities present in the Macedonian society. Going along with their mascot, the Macedonian’s theme verse is Ephesians 6:13 — a nod to putting on the armor of God. Their colors are silver and purple, and their sponsor is none other than Biblical studies professor, Dr. Tim Mims.

When asked about what an ideal Macedonian member would look like, Benjamin paused. “Honestly, anyone. We’re such a diverse group there is no one right personality.” Adding, “We do enjoy getting loud, though.”

Blue Mountain currently has two preexisting male societies known as the Ekklesians and the Bereans. Both societies have voiced their distaste for the new group, claiming it forces stereotypes on the other assemblies. Labeling the other male societies as “nerds and jocks,” the Macedonians advertise themselves as the happy medium of the pair.

Bereans have especially suffered a major loss; as the more active of the two societies, they’re now losing members. Individuals opt to leave the pre-existing group in order to mark their names in the history books as founding members of a new order.

While this may be true, students can’t help but notice the revived competition the Macedonians have brought to the society scene.

“The guys’ societies were dying,” an anonymous student admitted. “Having new competition has amped up participation. Now it’s like everyone’s decided they’re going to find new ways to actually fight for the attention of new members.”

Despite mixed emotions regarding the Macedonians, the group continues to thrive. They received over 40 new pledges this year alone. Only time will tell how the new society fits into the tradition surrounding it, as students get to watch history unfold.

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