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Being God's Leader on Campus

The Student Body Association is a group that has been around for a long time at many schools to help steer their school’s students to great things. The SBA is typically in charge of planning events and getting the student body to become closer together. This is one of the main goals of Blue Mountain College’s SBA president, Ed Bender.

Ed Bender is a twenty-one year old senior who is set to graduate in December, giving him a shorter time to leave a lasting impact on Blue Mountain’s campus. However, he is diving in headfirst, planning several events at the beginning of the school year. Hoping to leave on a high note, one of his biggest goals is, “To see the student body unified,” hopefully ditching the cliques of high school.

He mentioned that his council has a monthly meeting, bringing God into their focus. He wants to make sure he is being God’s servant and doing His will. Ed wants to be a beacon of light, hoping to have God shine through him.

When asked what he has done for the students so far other than just the student functions, he said he tries to always be available. He wants to make sure that the students know that as long as he is here, he is available and cares about all they are going through. If someone has a complaint, the SBA is here to listen, and work to improve student activities in all aspects, as well as support individuals throughout their time here on the Mountain.

Ed is doing the Lord’s work in his part, and his council is very grateful for him. Jamie Henderson, the Modenian representative, said that “he is a really fun person and tries to be conscientious of everyone’s needs while doing what is best for the group,” showing his care for others. Jay Tucker, the secretary, stated that he was always organized and that he keeps them in line and in check. He goes on to say, “He knows what he wants to do and what he wants everyone to achieve to accomplish it.”

Although Bender graduates in December, he has full faith in upcoming student leadership as well as the returning SBA council. He is confident that Caleb Smith, vice president, is going to be a great leader. Ed was very reassuring that the SBA events would continue to thrive even after he has left campus.

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