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Who Ya Gonna Call

BMC Campus Safety

As Blue Mountain College students, it can be easy to slip into a feeling of security and safety, and while this campus is definitively safer than some places, that is not a decent reason to neglect rational precautions, take preventative steps, and know what to do in case of the dreaded emergency.


If you are concerned about an intruder, there are certain steps you can take to prevent injury to yourself and others.

First, if the intruder is armed and there is imminent threat to you or another person, immediately call 911, if you are able. This goes for either dorm or classroom intrusions. Do not assume someone else will notify local law enforcement; it never hurts to have more than one account.

BMC Security also requests to be notified of any emergencies at the same time 911 is called.

Also, throw whatever you can get ahold of at the intruder, especially if he or she is armed, regardless of what they are armed with. It is important to distract the intruder, and this could save lives.

Furthermore, if you live off- campus but in proximity to the school (within a few miles), BMC security will still be an aid for you.


It is possible that at some point, you could need assistance without it being an emergency. This could be anything from car trouble to a break-in. In these cases, your best course of action is to call BMC Security, if you are a resident of a dorm or college house. As each incident is different, each action and step taken will be fit to the situation. Also, as the dorms close at two o’clock every morning, the only way to get back in between the hours of 2 and 5 is by contacting the security team at the number mentioned below.

If you have a break-in or theft on campus, first contact Security and get advisement from the team before doing anything else. It is important to report incidents immediately upon discovery of them, as evidence and action are both time sensitive.

If you live off campus, you can contact the police department at the number in the list. If, for some reason, you are unable to reach them, call 911 if it is an emergency. If it is not, call campus security, if only to ensure your safety.

Physical Safety

It is important to retain healthy boundaries and to respect the boundaries of others. If you encounter an instance of a Title IX violation, it must be reported to any professor, the Title IX team, or the BMC website under the tab, “Report It.”

Do not take unnecessary risks like walking alone at night, using your cellphone without paying attention to your surroundings, and/or leaving your doors (both car and dorm) unlocked.

Finally, it is possible that another self-defense class will be taught here on campus, and it is recommended for all to attend.

Important Contact Information

Campus Security: (662)512-8059 or

BMPD: (662) 658-4721

Emergency Services: 911

Tippah Medical: (662)837-9221

Dr. Sweatt: (662)587-4387; Office: (662) 685-4771 ext 156

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