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A Church Family Away from Home

Blue Mountain Baptist, along with other area churches, have services specifically for college students. Students at Blue Mountain College can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities provided by area churches to get involved and plugged into a college ministry.

The most prominent local churches geared toward BMC students include First Baptist Ripley, Blue Mountain Baptist, and First Baptist New Albany. Each of these churches have a class or group specifically designed for college students. These groups are unique in their own ways, but each is accessible and welcoming to the students of Blue Mountain College looking for a church away from home.

First Baptist Ripley has two classes for their college group: one on Sunday mornings at 10:15, and one on Wednesday nights at 6:00. The Wednesday night group meets at a married couple’s house for a more intimate, inviting setting. Rachel Walters, a senior at BMC, attends this college group and expressed how friendly the church is to college students. She says, “The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. Whether someone has known these leaders for two years like I have, or if someone is a newcomer, everyone is welcome. The atmosphere is inviting. There’s a peace about college ministry here.” What drew Rachel to the class was the people, and she has loved being there ever since.

Blue Mountain Baptist also has a very accessible and welcoming service for students who stay on campus at Blue Mountain College. On Sundays, they have an 11:00 service that meets in the SUB specifically just for college students that includes a short worship service followed by a sermon. Kayla Ramage, senior, explains why she chose this church: “I chose this church because of its proximity and because each sermon challenges me to grow in my faith. It’s very small with only about ten people, so it feels more like a Bible study led by the pastor. That is what drew me to this church, though. My pastor knows me, and I feel safe and accepted when I share my struggles within the service.” She explained that everyone is seen and loved, and she would like people to know that it is a great church to attend. It is on campus and open to everyone.

Another area church that has invested into the lives of BMC students is First Baptist New Albany. They have a college group on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. that meets in the youth room. The updated space has an inviting atmosphere and uses technology to project sermon points and song lyrics during the worship service. Each class begins with a worship song and prayer. Peyton Mansfield, a junior at BMC, says, “I like that there are relatable people there, that the worship and the Word are legit, and I like how real Pastor Chris is. I liked that there were people I knew going and enough of a crowd that I could blend in -- at first. After going, I saw how truthful and authentic Chris is, and I trust him and his leading. Combine that with the fact that I was going to their Sunday morning services and it was an easy choice.” He wants others to know that it is really easy to show up, and there will probably be people you already know there. “Just go and you’ll see why it’s worth going.”


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