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A Fun Race for a Mission's Case

The Monster Mad Dash on October 30 was a 5k marathon to raise money for summer missions.

All the contestants came ready to play at 3:00. The costume contest was first, and 1st place was a tie between Jacob Smith and Adam Purge. The award for most creative costume went to Cody Enis and the one for the scariest costume went to Logan Sweet.

The race actually started at 3:19, after the costume contest. Since the costume contest had been before the race, the contestants ran the race in their costumes. For example, one contestant ran the entire race in a suit which looked like a blown-up T-rex. Another dressed as a witch carried a broom while racing.

The T-rex, a ballerina, a king, and many more joined in the fun of the race, along with all their chest number plates that they were wearing. One after the other they went around the track, which was 3.1 miles in length, beginning at the campus and then branching out into the surrounding area.

After the race, which began and ended at the Euzelian gates, the contestants were offered bottles of water and some refreshment bars.

The fastest run time during the race was Charles Meeks at 21:26, then Owen Hill at 22:28, and finally Cayson Housley at 23:08.

$11,300 dollars was raised to send missionaries around the world through the selling of $15 t-shirts and a $10 race entry fee. Gift cards were given as prizes to the adult costume contest and race winners, while the children were given bags of candy.

To participate in the summer missions program, apply at For more information, contact Tracy Moser at .


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