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Allegiance: Prevailing Over Persecution

Oh the dystopia, the acting, the drama! So many interesting things go into plays, from finding a script to actors’ preparation, all the way to props and final details. Allegiance is a play by Bonnie Holbrook which follows a character named Anna and the West family through a dystopian style world. In this universe, owning a Bible or confirming that a person believes in Christ and the Christian faith is illegal. Confession in the Lord, or refusal of the government, ultimately results in death.

In the play, Anna gives the West family a picture of Jesus, despite the circumstances that society is under at the time. Distress is evident, between Anna’s potentially incoming arrest and the dangers that the West family experience with having the picture in their home. Will the characters involved have strength in their faith, and prevail through the persecution of the government? How will the persecution that Anna experiences affect her faith? The ending is yet to be revealed and is coming this March.

This play involves many people from our university, students and staff alike. It also brings in members of the community. Mrs. Christi Mitchell, the assistant professor of speech and theatre, states that, “there are many areas in the world where this situation is a reality for Christians.” She continued to express that this play would give insight into what those people face, along with showing Christians in the United States a future that may become reality.

Behind the scenes, the cast members involved are doing a devotion regarding Christian persecution to help them prepare for the play on top of their rehearsals and practices. The set is also being worked on and created.

Allegiance, which consists of one act, will be showing in March. The play will be shown on March 3rd at 7 PM, and March 4th at both 2 PM and 7 PM. The location of the showing is the Garrett Auditorium.

Blue Mountain Christian University staff, faculty, and students can get into the play for free as long as an ID is shown, and anyone else that is interested can get in for just $5.

Mrs. Mitchell expressed anticipation for the event, stating that “the production was going to be electric.” If you want to find out what happens to the West family and get in on the action, remember to come by and check it out this March!


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