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Back to the Future: BMC Edition

Fall break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays: All of these and more coming soon to a campus near you! With the end of the spring term here at Blue Mountain College quickly approaching, students and faculty alike are looking to the fall semester to see what campus life will be like upon returning. Over the past few semesters, Blue Mountain College has seen a lot of changes.

In the spring of 2020, schools and colleges across the nation basically shut down. Campuses everywhere were silent and devoid of activity during the school schedule for the first time in years. While the shutdown of schools prevented students from in-person learning, it didn’t stop them from learning in another form. For a while we endured only online classes, then when fall semester came upon us a whole new slew of changes came with it. Class sizes were cut in half, mask mandates were enforced, and daily symptom surveys and other protective measures were now the norm. It would stay this way until the end of the spring semester 2021, until more change rolls into campus with the arriving fall semester.

Though not one hundred percent set in stone, as is with most things in life, change and reversion back to a semblance of normalcy is headed for Blue Mountain this coming fall. Administration has posted a new schedule that looks very similar to the ones pre-pandemic. This schedule gives us back all our holidays, which I know from speaking with many students have been greatly missed.

In addition to this, classes will be back to normal size, and more than likely there will be no more hybrid classes. We have already seen one of these changes taking place around campus, specifically the return of sports and events the college is hosting, along with attendance at these events coming back to full capacity slowly but surely.

Life is an ever-changing thing, and nothing is ever really certain. So while things may change at any given time, hope is still there—hope for a little bit of the old comfortable normalcy to return to the Blue Mountain College campus. It’s been a rough couple of semesters for everyone, teachers and students alike, but change is on the horizon, bringing with it a new wave of hope for all. So keep your fingers crossed, because hopefully when school starts back up again in the fall, we will finally be able to get back to normal.


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