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BMC Archery

The BMC archery team is coming up in the ranks. They headed off to Las Vegas, Nevada on February 2nd for a competition featuring archery teams from all over the world. I got the unique opportunity to practice with the team, so I got to interview one of them before they left.

Ana Meredith, a senior, was nervous about the trip before they left. “This is the team’s first time going to Las Vegas,” she told me, “but all of the practices we have done and challenging ourselves to do better have prepared us for the tournament.”

When asked why she joined the team, she had this to say: “I joined the team because I have always loved archery, and it gave me something to do. I can meet new people, see new places, and most of all challenge and push myself and see what I am capable of. I love being on the team because it really brings people together for a great sport.”

I asked her who she would recommend a place on the team to. “I would recommend this team to anyone who is interested in meeting new people who love God and the sport of archery, people who enjoy being outdoors, who love the rush of excitement when holding a bow, and mostly those who would enjoy seeing their own successes and achievements as they grow better and better.”

The archery team brought in teams from across the nation. Ana placed as 16th. “I’m alright with it. I know that I can do better, so next time I’ll try harder and be more confident in myself. A major problem I had was with people shooting at higher targets than me. I didn’t draw back and anchor like I should have, so I believe I should take my time when shooting and not compare myself to other shooters.”

“The trip was great. We got up around five in the morning to meet at Southplex, then to Memphis airport. We had some troubles with getting through the airport, but we made it on time. We went from there to Atlanta, then to Detroit, then finally to Las Vegas. We had fun on the flights, but were so excited to get there. The trip itself is an experience I won’t ever forget. It showed who everyone was, and reminded me not to judge people by their looks or how they act. It showed me I can grow as a person, and that I shouldn’t compare myself to others.”


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