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BSU on Mission

During the summer of 2024, many Blue Mountain students will be partnering with the Baptist Student Union (BSU) to spread the gospel through summer missions. Tracy Moser is Blue Mountain Christian University’s BSU director and works with many of the students who will be serving as missionaries this summer. The BSU is sending five summer missionaries from the BMCU campus this year. Jenna Landers will be serving in Thailand, Logan Sweet will be serving in South Asia, Lauren Milford will be serving at Mission Arlington in Texas, and both Greyson Blair and Josiah Putnam will be serving in Phoenix, Arizona.


Serving as a missionary while in school is a special opportunity for students. Carolyn Milam speaks about the importance of mission work while in college, saying, “As a student, this is a time in our life where we are the least busy and are not tied down to stay in one place. We are free to go and travel and share the word. Serving in the summer through the BSU also allows you to not worry about raising the funds on your own.”


Before they leave, the BSU works with the students to train them for their work and help them raise the money they will need while serving. Moser states, “It is students sending students.  Each BSU in the state of Mississippi contributes funds to send students.  If you go in the US, most of your way or all of it is paid through this fund.  For students serving internationally, the BSU contributes toward the cost per week they serve.” This joint effort allows all BMCU students to participate in the work of summer missions by praying and fundraising for their peers.


Jenna Landers served a summer mission during the summer of 2023 and speaks about the important role that the BSU serves in her preparation to go to the mission field, saying, “The BSU has given me missions scholarships, fund raised, helped me send out letters to ask for donations and prayer, and Mrs. Tracy has made sure to keep up with my progress so that she can help me in any way she can.”


Students sent through the BSU receive both training and experience that prepares them for future service. Moser notes, “Students are not being sent to a place that we know nothing about, but they serve with Southern Baptist career missionaries or church planters to share the gospel in their location.  The training students receive both before they go and while they are on the field is invaluable.” As students begin their work on the field, this work with missionaries already serving helps them form connections and have valuable experience for future mission work.


Mrs. Tracey sums up the importance of students working as summer missionaries, saying, “The gospel is shared and people come to Christ.  They are an encouragement to the missionaries on the field.  Since 1947, more than 5000 students have been sent to serve all around the world.  It is in this service that many have discovered the call of God on their lives to serve as career missionaries.” Jenna Landers also speaks about the life changing aspects of the work, saying, “It's important to go on summer missions because it grows your relationship with Christ, your compassion for others, and gives you ample opportunity to share the gospel that Christ has called each one of us to share. It's life changing in the best way possible.”



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