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Campus Talent Found

The BMC “Toppers got Talent” show is a favorite tradition of the campus. This year the theme was patriotic, and there were quite a few historic American figures in attendance. The judges for the event included Betsy Ross, George Washington, and an all-American cowboy. The event was run by the ever-capable Oprah, Sargent Christian, Bill Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, the statue of Liberty and her torch. These characters were all played by the SBA council as they ran the event, and the judges were both current students, faculty, and staff.

The event began with a welcome from Thomas Jefferson (Thomas Ratliff) and a rousing rendition of the national anthem, whistled by Abraham Lincoln (Randall Lindigrin). There were many talented entries in the talent show this year. The first act was Caleb White singing “Long Black Train”. His cowboy hat fit the mood perfectly and made a great start to the show. Another act that made an appearance was Logan Sweet in full costume performing his campus favorite dance impression of Michael Jackson. This was Logan’s second time performing his routine, and the response was just as enthusiastic as last year.

Another hit of the night was the comedy act “The Josh Taylor Experience: and Friends.” The skit performed featured Josh as the overenthusiastic homeless youth pastor who claimed to be sleeping “in the dumpster behind Whitfield!” Needless to say, the act was a great success.

Several singers took to the stage as well, some of whom played the piano as their accompaniment. And in-between some of the acts, Bill Clinton and Sargent Christian regaled the audience with jokes and singing, which at one point included an acapella attempt at the Blue Mountain College Alma Mater, as well as a stirring rendition of “America the Beautiful”.

There were several notable dances of the night as well, including Aleigha McDonald, and Petrone Rudolph’s talented performances. But founding fathers were not the only American icons in attendance at the event. Elvis and his bodyguards came to show their skills as Amalio Vega performed for the crowd.

The best act and the hit of the night was Katie-Rae Carmichael and Olivia Moffitt with their terrific tap dance routine. Their talented moves glided across the stage in sync with each other as they danced their way to a first-place victory.

BMC is a campus full of talented dancers, singers, performers, and humorists. The tradition of “Toppers Got Talent” is a special way for the students to relax together and showcase the skills which they may not have the opportunity to use on a daily basis. The campus is looking forward to next year’s edition of the event.

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