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Changes to BMC Parking

Gravel, asphalt, and sediment. These three ingredients, otherwise known as building components, can make for a sturdy and useful parking facility. However, when a population is continuously growing, and the area is limited in resources for organizing student parking, what is there to do? Blue Mountain College is facing this head scratcher of a situation with an ever-growing student body, and seemingly not enough accommodations for parking on campus.

Dean Ritchey has been working on this situation behind the scenes. The Dean is a very busy man, and has been kind enough to set aside time from his said busy schedule to answer my questions. I had three in total, and he was very informative with his responses.

Question 1: What made BMC go to a color-coded scheme for parking decals?

​“In the past, all resident students had the same decal. This allows those students who live at specific residence halls to park in their designated residence hall parking lot, as well as helps to keep track of resident and commuter students’ vehicles and where they park on campus.”

Question 2: Are there any future plans for more parking as BMC grows? If so, when and where can we expect development to take place?

​“Each year, we evaluate the needs of additional parking on campus. We are continuing to search and develop areas/land and increase student parking on or around campus. We hope to have new areas drawn out during the spring semester and, if land is available, we hope to begin constructing after the spring semester is over.”

Question 3: Just how much is a parking ticket here at BMC? Are there up charges/further consequences for multiple parking violations?

​“Parking tickets range from $25-$50, depending on the violation. No response at this time on the consequences, as we are trying the new color decal system. If we see multiple violations, we will assess the situation and make a decision at that time about any consequences.”

For any further information, looking at the BMC website,, or consumer centered information found at It is our duty to remain informed of what goes on in our school. Drive safe, and park responsibly out there,Toppers!


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