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There are fewer intramural sports events this year than last year for students, according to Dean Ritchey. Cornhole, spike ball, ping-pong, ax-throwing, laser tag, and glow golf have been the sports events offered so far to all students this semester.

Dean Ritchey says the college is “trying to offer a variety of activities for all students to participate and get involved in to make the college experience the best it can [be]”. He said there was a kickball event planned as well, but only one team signed up, so it never actually happened.

There were several other events that the office of student services put on for students this year. Cornhole had 20 teams to sign up. Spike ball had 10. Ping-pong had 6 students to sign up. There was also ax-throwing earlier this semester that had approximately 75-100 people participate in it and the laser tag/glow golf on Freshman move-in day in August that had approximately 75-80 people participating in it. This later event was only for the freshmen, according to Dean Ritchey.

However, once tallied up, it appears that the most popular events were cornhole and ax-throwing. Dean Ritchey had said that he thought that some “people were busy with classwork, extra-curricular activities, and jobs” and that was why they did not participate in the above events. He says that the college “hope[s] to do Flag Football, Basketball, and Volleyball when we return in January with the possibility of Kickball and Pickleball in March or April.”

For anyone wanting to participate in an intramural sport, Dean Ritchey says, the school “send[s] out texts and emails to students about signing up and participating [and]…usually offers the winning team or person a gift card or cash prize.” For instance, the cash prize for the spike ball/ cornhole Tournament was $100. Students are encouraged to take time to participate in the sports opportunities.


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