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Dorm Ducks

Can you find the duck?

BMCU students got very bored and creative during the snowstorm. Their inspiration came from the Christmas duck hide-and-seek the school put on during dead week of the fall 2023 semester. Many different students in different dormitories have decided to hide ducks around the dorms for fun while stuck.


There were students hiding ducks in Mountain Village and Whitfield. Some students from Mountain Village recorded their progress of hiding and finding the ducks.  Several students were who were seen hiding ducks around Whitfield were asked what inspired them to hide ducks.


The responses varied from “It was just for fun,” to “I did it because I was given ducks and told to hide them.” The dorm ducks were a little fun activity for students during the storm. Ducks were hidden on dorm doors as well as emergency exit signs.


There may or may not still be a duck in one of the Whitfield parlors. It might be worth a look.



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