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Easter Devotional

Philippians 3:10: "I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death."

Easter is approaching quickly, and with the many joys that accompany that also comes the stresses of finals during the end of a COVID-filled school year. As students, it is easy for us to get sucked into the worries and struggles of the ending of the year and forget about the wonderful celebrations that we could be having. Philippians 3:10 applies to the Easter holiday in the obvious ways, with the discussion of resurrection and becoming like Christ in death. However, that isn’t the only thing worth focusing on.

The desire to know Christ and the power of his resurrection is a common feeling among Christians. It is also common, though, for us to forget about the beauty of Christ when we’re distracted with the stresses of life. For students, this heavily applies to school. I have seen often how students worry more about the homework that they are given or the upcoming tests they have to face than they do about their faith and relationship with God. What we miss when we do this is the power Christ has over us. If we put our faith and our trust into our Lord, the stresses of school are easier to tackle. The stresses of life are easier to tackle. With Christ on our side, we are capable of much more than we may believe. We don’t only want to know Christ, we need to know him. It is vital for us to know Christ if we want to overcome the challenges life throws our way.

Easter is a beautiful celebration amongst Christians purely because of the strength and power of Christ and the beauty of his resurrection. What we need to remember during the upcoming finals and the stresses of a COVID-infested school year is that our top priority should be to know Christ and have a relationship with him. With him at our side, our worries will surely melt away. If we lose sight of God due to worldly ideals and stresses, we lose sight of ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to end up like Christ in death, so the worries of the world shouldn’t be our only focus. As the end of the year approaches, hand your worries and fears to God. In the end, he has everything under control.


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