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English Club Holds Book Drive For Jail

Blue Mountain Christian University’s English Club is seeking donations of paperback books for the Lee County jail. The jail has suffered a shortage of reading material for those that are being held there over recent months, and the club wants to help address this problem.

Abigail Hull, the English Club’s Vice President, said “The English Club at Blue Mountain College has asked the help of the entire campus to donate books to the Lee County jail for their inmate library. We want to supply these inmates with as many books as possible for their recreational time, which is why we decided to ask the entire campus to donate any paperback books that they can.”

The English Club feels this is a very important outreach as it gives the student body not only a chance to spread literature to those that are struggling, but also an opportunity to show Christ’s love as a Christian University to those incarcerated. President of the English Club, Carsen Enlow Meeks, added that “It allows for people to connect with others and give to those who have been given up on.” As Christians, it is our duty to reach out to those to whom society does not. Carsen went on to say “Throughout my time at BMCU, many students have said that books are an escape. I think this is true for all people. Reading is such a pivotal part of not only education, but life itself. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to not only share the kindness and compassion of God but to offer something [deeper and more meaningful] to those society often writes off as worthless. It’s important for everyone to receive and have access to literature.”

The goal for this drive is to not only spread literature, but to also spread Christ’s love by serving the inmate population of Lee County. Because of this, the English Club is humbly asking that all students consider donating any unwanted books to the drive.

It is important to note that the drive can only accept paperback books and no hardcover books will be accepted.

Donations will be taken throughout the month until April 18th. The English Club encourages all students to participate and to share some literature that is particularly special!

To donate, please use the drop box on the second floor of the Fisher-Washburn Building in front of Dr. Galliher’s office (FW 207) or contact Abigail Hull at


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